Boot Clips

Boot Clips

Keep your pant legs down!

Durable, UV Stabilized, 22 Bones, Inc. Boot Clips will endure your riding experience. The teeth & clip brackets will not bend like others on the market.

Sleeve Clips

Sleeve Clips

Keep your sleeves in place!

Keep your sleeves in place to avoid that annoying bunching of your long sleeves as the air pushes them up.



Keep yourself looking good!

Men's & Women's stylish shirts, tank tops, bandanas, and more.


Keep up with fellow riders!

We attend different events to show our support for the biker brotherhood. We specialize in customizing your club accessories.

Who We Are 22:

As motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, Twenty-Two Bones, Inc. started October 22nd 2017, as a husband & wife team. We sourced, created, and looked for products to feel relaxed and secure, whether a long or short ride. When using our products, which have been personally tested and used daily, we have found that our solutions have been a great addition in making our rides that much more fucking awesome. Use all 22 bones in your skull and make the smart choice to purchase our products with confidence.

What We Do:

  • Create and Source Badass Shit For Bikers
  • Supply Biker Accessories and Gear
  • Support Biker Enthusiasts
  • Provide Comfortability to Bikers With Our Products
  • Keep Bikers On The Road With Service Manuals
  • Specializing In Club Accessories And Patches